PGF lab’s Strengths

PGF lab specializes in three core businesses of hardware development, mold manufacturing, and reverse engineering,
and continues to deploy services to meet demands for job shop type production and speedy delivery amidst our rapidly-changing times.
Leveraging our strengths in development speed, adaptability to diverse specifications, and manufacturing QCD batch management,
we make one-stop service, from development through to manufacturing, into a reality.
By supporting manufacturing product development, we contribute to the success of our clients.

In addition to providing service in each field of hardware development, mold manufacturing, and reverse engineering, we also offer one-stop solutions encompassing design to manufacturing.
The strong affinity of our three businesses creates synergy that allows us to deliver a wide variety of service benefits.
This diagram illustrates the synergy between our three areas of business. Click on number 1, 2, or 3 to display a summary of our service benefits below.
  • 1

    Results of Synergy between Hardware Development
    and Mold Manufacturing

    Incorporating mold requirements at the development stage avoids unnecessary reworking and reduces development time while enabling smooth manufacturing of the molds. As necessary, we perform mold design at the development stage, shortening the schedule to mold completion.

  • 2

    Results of Synergy between Hardware
    and Reverse Engineering

    We perform 3D measurement of reference products to create design concepts for client approval. This results in shorter development timeframes and eliminates unnecessary prototyping. 3D-printed model prototypes enable customers to verify functionality, shape, and ease of assembly before commencing mold manufacture.

  • 3

    Results of Synergy between Mold Manufacturing
    and Reverse Engineering

    Even when molds have been lost, damaged, or are otherwise difficult to remanufacture, 3D measurement of products and parts enables mold manufacturing. To confirm parts prior to mold manufacture, 3D-printed model prototypes can be used to confirm shape, and 3D measurement of model prototypes can be used to confirm dimensions. This results in improved precision of pre-confirmation for confidence as we proceed towards mold machining.

Case Studies

As our clients strive to achieve monozukuri — Japan’s traditional concept of excellence in manufacturing —
they face a wide range of issues on a day to day basis.
We direct our technical prowess and passion to create a unique path to success for each client.
Here are a few such examples from our many achievements.

  • Case Study


    Wireless Earphone Design

    This project began with consultation regarding disappointing progress after consigning design to another company. We successfully designed the wireless earphone housing in a short time frame.

  • Case Study


    Cold Wallet Terminal Development
    and Manufacturing Contract

    In this project, we were contracted for complete service, from product, mechanical, and circuit design to PCB artwork and manufacturing.

  • Case Study


    Internal Clock Reading Device

    This project began from the challenging task of monitoring the human ‘internal clock’, and covered the entire scope from product development through to manufacturing.

  • Case Study


    Cost-Reduction Design
    of 3D Printer-Modeled Product

    The product is the housing of the AndGo, Inc. cold wallet. Due to small production lots, we avoided manufacturing molding dies, and instead manufactured these parts by 3D printer.

Corporate Overview

Trade Name

PGF Co., Ltd.


February 2017

Areas of Business

・Hardware Development
・Mold Manufacturing
・Reverse Engineering


Yokohama Office (Hardware Development/Reverse Engineering)
706 2-9-7 Tsuruya-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Japan 221-0835
Phone : 045-594-7027

Saku Lab (Molding Manufacturing)
5953-1 Uchiyama, Saku-city, Nagano
Japan 385-0031
Phone : 0267-77-7573


Ryuhei Noguchi

Fiscal Term

End of January

Banks of Account

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, The Hachijuni Bank, Ltd.,
The Yokohama Shinkin Bank, Rakuten Bank, Ltd.